Equipment Loans and Rentals

Get access to our hospital-grade breast pumps

Berkshire Nursing Families provides loans and rentals of breastfeeding equipment to suit your needs. We rent hospital-grade Ameda breast pumps for families so that they have access to the highest quality breast pumps to help with the following situations:

    • Premature babies
    • Low milk supplies
    • Mother-baby separation
    • And when babies are unable to suckle effectively

BNF also loans families the following high-quality breastfeeding equipment:

    • Medela and Ameda working women’s breast pumps
    • Baby slings
    • Breastfeeding pillows

Contact us for personalized support and planning for families returning to work, if you have questions about which pump would suit you best or if you have any concerns about the effectiveness of your pump and would like it tested.

Many insurances now offer breast pumps with a prescription from the obstetrician.  Breast pumps are available from the following local pharmacies:

    • Little’s HSC Pharmacy in North Adams – (413) 663-6450
    • Berkshire Medical Center in Pittsfield – (413) 447-2114
    • Flynn’s Pharmacy in Pittsfield – (413) 445-5567

For families outside our support area, please call Ameda at (866) 992-6332  or Medela at (800) 435-8316 for a breast pump distributor in your area.

Help support Berkshire Nursing Families.

We are only able to provide our world-class service free of charge because of generous donations from people like you.

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