Berkshire Nursing Families

Breastfeeding to a better future


Berkshire Nursing Families provides one-on-one contact and support at every stage of the breastfeeding process. From prenatal classes to in-home consultations, we are here to help you.

Support Line

Whether it is for routine questions or crisis management, our Breastfeeding Support Line is available 24/7 to help you when you need it most.


All Free of Charge

We at Berkshire Nursing Families do not believe that world-class service should only be available to those who can afford it. That is why we have been providing our award-winning service free to members of the Berkshire County community for almost 15 years.

Berkshire Nursing Families provides education, lactation consultation, a 7-day-a-week breastfeeding hotline, and home visits – all of which are free of charge – to every family who needs them.  Because breastfeeding impacts so many aspects of family wellness – from reducing health concerns like diabetes and asthma to improving mother-child bonding – the organization makes a powerful contribution to the well-being of our community’s families.

As a nonprofit organization, we are able to provide these free services because of the generous support of Northern Berkshire United Way, local businesses, churches, private donors, the participants of our annual Team Trivia night and numerous granting-awarding foundations. See the complete list of our vital and generous supporters HERE. For more information, call our support line at (413) 743-5338.


Families Initiating Breastfeeding (2014)

When Berkshire Nursing Families was founded in 1998, only 50% of families in Northern Berkshire County breastfed their children for even one day – a rate well below the national average. Today, our community is outpacing both the nation and the rest of the state.

Families Served in 2015

Total Family Contacts in 2015


Families Breastfeeding at 3 Months (2013)

A hospital quality-assurance study found that in the year prior to the program’s launch, only 38% of Northern Berkshire County families breastfed to 3 months. Within our first year alone, we were able to almost double that statistic.

Help Support Berkshire Nursing Families.

We are only able to provide our world-class service free of charge because of generous donations from people like you.

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